Benefits of Uptime Monitoring

Published on by Marlyn S. Bogdan

Benefits of Uptime Monitoring

It can be very annoying to wait for a long time for a website to load, and this can also be a disaster for a business. This is why frequent website monitoring is very important so as to ensure the website or web application is functioning as expected. Therefore, website monitoring is the procedure of observing and analyzing a website or web application, so as to ensure the website loads contents as quick as possible, and website uptime. Uptime monitoring will ensure that the server is reliable, making the users satisfied with the website avoiding situations like users not using the website at all due to frequent downtime. Server monitoring assists web hosting providers to compare the performance of their websites with that of their competitors in order to know how well their website is performing. Another importance of uptime monitoring is providing web hosting providers with accountability to theSLA (Service Level Agreement). Service Level Agreement is a contract involving the end user and the service that defines the scope of service and level of uptime that is expected. Most web hosts have operational servers of 99.9% uptime or more in order to be accountable to their terms of Service Level Agreement. So, website monitoring can be done either externally or internally. Internal monitoring is done inside the company, while external monitoring uptime uses third party or end users. Internal monitoring may not be as accurate as external monitoring, because the statistics may be biased.

How Regularly Should Web Hosting Providers Do Server Monitoring

Faster uptime monitoring frequency is one of the best way to monitor server uptime/downtime. However, faster frequency is relatively expensive, because it uses more resources that is costly to both the providers and the end users. Therefore, faster frequency monitoring requires the higher costs to be justified with what the website needs. A website that is meant for fun does not require short frequency monitoring, but a website that a large e-commerce with many end users will need faster frequency monitoring.

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